Friday, December 28, 2012

Best and Worst Auction Markets in MoP so far

OOPS! I goofed a bit, no surprise there, I do that often. I "THOUGHT" I remembered what Cold's  Blogging carnival's next topic was but got it a bit wrong. No big deal though, as this is a subject upon which I've an opinion or two. It bears repeating, I highly recommend Cold's blog for WoW related content, particularly if you are into making gold in WoW.

     Some people have a toon they use as their auctioning "main" - at least that's my impression from what I've seen in blogs and on my server, Cenarion Circle. I used to use my Rogue for that for some time, then I found he was a blast to level, but he still tends to be my go-to guy for auctioning.
     CC is a great server, I play primarily on Horde-side, but I dabble over on Alliance every so often. I mention that since my observations and opinions in this post come from my MoP experiences on the Horde side. I haven;t had the greatest luck with buying things and turning them around for profit. Part of that is lack of patience for playing the 'long game' in the AH. I like getting out in the world and hopefully profiting from doing things that are fun for me while I'm out there.
On to the meat of the subject at hand: What I think has been best/worst in the auction market so far. 
     For what's been the best, I have to say I've had a great luck with Cataclysm leather, specifically Savage Leather. That really has been a nice (and profitable!) surprise. I have several toons that have skinning as a profession and I find skinning to be oddly satisfying. Way back in Vanilla I would see all these bodies of things laying around the environs surrounding Crossroads in the Barrens and I thought it was a shame, so I took up Skinning and Leatherworking for my Druid and had a blast doing what I still refer to as 'battlefield cleanup duty' running around skinning all the dead mobs. There are places in Cataclysm one might go to consistently get mobs to skin, and so far in MoP it has been consistently worthwhile and rather nicely profitable! If I could find a place to gather Embersilk Cloth and Frostweave Cloth in large enough amounts consistently, I believe the market for them is also reasonably profitable as both types typically sell very well. Also worthwhile, though a bit...spikey is the best way to describe it, would be the enchant market. Be it inscriptions for shoulders, threads for mage legs or any other type of enchant I see and on occasion do well in it, but find the spikiness to be a bit off-putting for regular profitability. Then again, I may not be as consistent at these things as some folks.
     As for the Worst Markets, my first nod is to the pet market. Pricing for battle pets tanked and the entire pet market just seems largely chaotic. I can still sell the occasional pet for a marginally decent amount, but it usually takes too long. Next, the glyph market. BLAH! If I need a glyph for one of my toons that I don't have, it's just as easy and cheap to get one from the AH as it is to bother to have my max skill scribe make one.

For what it's worth, that's my take on the MoP auction market so far. One thing I really enjoy about being somewhat active and knowledgeable about the auction market on my server is getting familiar with who the real major players are on my server. We have some very creative folks on CC, and I'd like to throw a huge thanks to Lovina for her always entertaining barking for her stylish clothing business! 

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